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Rhythm 10 till 2

In this videoblog you will learn about the rhythm of an interaction with a hottie, and how it relates the the progression of meeting the girl all the way up to taking her home. An important cornerstone of the flawless natural method.

Cheers to your success!


P.S how excited am I about the upcoming flawless natural program release!? have you seen it yet? wooo!

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34 Responses to “Rhythm 10 till 2”

  1. vali Says:

    Great video, Tim! Loved it.

    So I guess that stating your intentions to her in a fun, pleasant, yet manly way (the ‘I choose you’ part) is supposed to make her get an idea that later on you would display more and more intent. Cool :D

    My qestion would be: what about ‘day game’? I know such interactions might be shorter, so is it better to be a little more indirect?


  2. Lawson Says:

    Thank you Tim-dizzles for another episode of change-my-life.

    Much appreciation to you.


  3. Escalator Says:

    Very cool. Thanks.

  4. Abower Says:

    I echo the question above.

    Keep it up guys! RSD to infinityyy

  5. Roger Says:

    That was wonderful. It answered a lot of questions I had. I have often let myself get blown out by the silences for no good reason. I had never thought about there being a rthym from 10 to 2- which is one of the reasons I would be exhausted before 2 and lose the girl to a guy who could out alpha me at the end.

    I am looking forward to his DVDs. I am glad I went to the Flawless Natural SC.

  6. fullcrum Says:

    Awesome stuff! Thanks!

  7. Henry Says:

    Tim , first thanks for this amazing videoblog and all your tips and mindset that you share .

    I have a question for you . I´m student of natural methods and most of the time this works very well , but there are times that happens this situation and I can´t progress throw this …

    I´m there talking with this girl , she´s very receptive and every thing seems to go wonderfull , but at some point I show more of my intent , and she says something like ” Ohh thanks , I would love to hanging out with you , but I have a boyfriend or I´ married or I´m seeing this guy … ” . And when this happen I get stucked and really don´t know what to do . Help me Tim with all your knowledge !!

    Thanks , Henry

  8. Vincenzo Says:

    Same kind of question. is the Flawless Program is flawless for DayGame and all the situations… (socil circle..?)
    I guess “yeahh”.

    Tim, you rock !


  9. zeshan Says:

    Hey Tim, hope your having fun.

    a quick question!

    concerning this concept of 10 till 2, you said that it’s unlikely that your going to leave with early, and because of that you should show intent and wooh and just chill with your friends, but what if you are out alone?

    and also isn’t it better to try and pull earlier instead of waiting till the club in ending?

    Keep up the work.

    Cheers Z

  10. Rasmus Says:

    Awesome video blog you’ve got here, Tim!

    One question for the interaction rhytm: You talk about the pauses in the conversation, and say that one need to be cool with them, without rushing to fill them.
    But isn’t there a balance between not rushing to fill them, and accepting the silence for too long, thereby loosing your state?

  11. dud2stud Says:

    A little bit late but, I just wanted to share the awesome results I’ve been having in the club for the past 2 weeks. Before the dance floor, for me at least, was only after meeting girls elsewhere and pulling them out to dance. The technique explained in the second video where u walk up with 100% belief, grab the hand, spin her around and pull her in to dance: GENIUS. I’ve been twirling and grinding super hotties all night thanks to this one little thing. Freakin’ amazing. Now I can actually OPEN on the dance floor, and pull them off to “cool down”, among other things :)

    one problem though. there’s been a few instances where me and a hottie will be literally fukking on the dance floor, me picking her up and squeezing her ass, grinding me so hard to the point where she practically breaks my dick off with her gyrating booty, but i cant get the makeout. This is after building a little bit of a rapport too, her saying things like “You’re so funny I love you!” i know it’s complicated to give advice without actaully observing my calibration in field, but any bit of quick generic advice you can give?

    Thanks Tim, you are the fukking man. I totally agree with statements such as “this is the way the game was meant to be played.” No gay palm reading or elaborate IOI generating routines. that’s for non-woooo chodes.

    oh and the “Excuse me, do you know how to get to Santa Monica?” when you know damn well you are already in Santa Monica bit I’ve also used with great success. I’ve actually been using this line for years. It was taught to me by a friend of mine who is a total natural with women (never studied pickup). Funny how great minds think alike :)

    keep em coming! cant wait to see the finished product!

  12. gabriel Says:

    hi tim.. awesome stuff as always.. just one question. this happens to me a lot here in holland. when i aproach a girl during the day or night with woo and full-intent… she smiles and all.. but she says.. oh.. i have a boyfriend.. now after this i kinda shut down automatically.. and i know that if she says i have a boyfriend it shouldent mean anything and most of the time it doesent.. but it still gets to me… what do you do when u encounter this?.

  13. hassan Says:

    hey tim…lovin this f.n stuff..exciting and effecting. it gives me a real good feeling and i feel like being and stufdying soemthing natural not p.u theory. awesome.. i have a question…earlier u answerd the q that if u think wat u r saying is money than it is! awesome…i waana know that sometimes actauly most of hte times when i have opened and dealt with the urge of being and “entertainer” i feel like its all”she should know or read that “i know” this stuff and i only very subtly show this!. like making smart coments..and than expect her to “understand”. this happens often. cuase if dotn harness myself i think i will make “soemthing” very obvious!!!.soo i think i end up either doing nothing or less. maybeits jsut that i am too msuch in my own head..advice/opinion. and how r u able to do what u have to do and act so cool?

  14. Thiago Says:

    Hello Tim and thans again for the pearls of wisdom.
    I love this videoblog. So full of useful and flawless material. Balance between Woo and intent is really the key. Chilling out but at the same time let her know what you’re all about.
    Cheers mate!!!

  15. io_rob_34 Says:

    Thanks Tim, you are amazing.

    This makes a ton of sense, and I really appreciate the part about enjoying the silence. I think a lot of guys here do, becuase I know for a fact whenever there is a pause, my mind screams “Do something, you should be doing something.”

    So my question is, what exactly do you do when you’re not doing something? Do you sit there and stare at her and expect her to put in, or do you just find something to do and invite her? Could you just brush over the general idea of this?

    Thanks again, this really is helpful. It’s like direct communication to people who need help.

  16. Abower Says:

    YO TIM!!! One more question for ya!

    How the HECK do I break through all the shit blocking my RAW INTENT when I’m talking to a girl????

    This is my main sticking point!

  17. Thommes Says:

    Hey Tim,
    big Question. You are a FUN person which is in itself an attractive quality. So you unconsciously rely on that. The girls love your fun state and your confident intent. I am sure about that;) But can you attract without being in that FUN State? Are you than also attractive enough to get the girl? And what is with pulling away? Nobody wants what he can get. Do you pull away and make the girls chase you a little?

  18. BartyP Says:

    Tim you are a life saver!

    ‘Woo’ and intention were major breakthroughs for me. I had a horrible night Friday and really started doubting how far I had come. The worst thing was I couldn’t find an answer as to where I went wrong!

    You helped me find the answer.

    In your videos you have discussed woo and intention and said that most guys have more woo. I think that I have more intention most of the time. I want to ask you, how exactly do I raise my woo?

    I can’t wait for the flawless natural program to be released and I’m really enjoying this blog. Doin’ us Aussies proud!

    PS: How much does your accent help when picking up overseas? :P

  19. Kakánr1 Says:

    “So my question is, what exactly do you do when you’re not doing something? Do you sit there and stare at her and expect her to put in, or do you just find something to do and invite her?” <—
    Same thing there.. if you have freedom (to do whatever) when talking, that same freedom hasn’t been taken from you just because you’re NOT talking. Don’t be stuck in the do-mindset. Be open to having fun. Fun = smiles, open = OPEN to possibilites coming up. COMING UP. If you’re sufficient with not being at 100% 100% of the time, then you can be calm, and when you’re calm your brain is actually WORKING.

  20. Smartass Says:

    I don’t like the guru frame
    or to ” worship ” someone.

    But you’re so awesome that i do it anyway.
    I’m mad at my self, hahahaha.

    It’s your fault! :p

  21. Casanova Says:

    Yes yes yes! Chill back and relax! Wooooooooo

  22. Dave Says:

    Tim fantastic work can’t wait for the DVD’s to drop! One quick question about WOO & INTENT. How do I best utilise it when girls are introduced to me in social situations or when girls approach me? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  23. Jericho Says:

    I recently had the displeasure of being LJBF’ed (Let’s just be friends) by a girl who I liked really well.

    How can you best avoid the LJBF-”trap?”

    I thought I was doing things the right way, always making physical contact with her, every time we met, but still I got the dreaded LJBF.

    A confused man in need of clarification, Jericho

  24. rev.ravenous Says:

    Cheers Tim! I started Learning game theory about 5 years ago. I looked at everybodies method ( much like Tyler did), and I learned a lot about social deconstruction. But, after about 2 years I just stopped paying attention to all e-letters and books and methods. I had realized that however accurate a social model may be, if it takes you out of the moment and into your head it does more harm than good, and leave you more confused than before. Social models and social deconstruction have they’re place, the field is not it. I am proud to say that my “game” (I don’t like to it a game, I’m real) has greatly improved. It’s great see someone drop the routines and theory, and just be genuine. Cheers for you mate.

  25. rev.ravenous Says:

    Jericho you probably showed too much intressed too fast. When you dance with a girl, do you just take off at you own speed with no thought for the tempo of the music and the rythm of the girl? Courtship is a metaphore for dancing and dancing is a metaphore for courtship. Just make sure you following the same band.

  26. Newbie! Says:

    Awesome vids, but do you think its better to start off natural or with pickup lines?

    Like should you open with my name is ,
    or canned material

  27. NewVisitor.. Says:

    Hey Tim, love the vid blogs.

    How do you overcome the loud dance clubs where you end up having to yell into a girls ear to talk to her?

  28. Risto Says:

    Tim, do you use any affirmations like:

    “I beliefe myself”
    “I express unconditioned love everywhere I go”
    “I love women.”

  29. V.W. Says:

    Glorious! Thank u.

    The only question i have is related to the wall i have been banging my head against in the field as of late..

    Okay, So these days when im in the nightclub (Thanks to you) stepping to these HOTT girls, my walk up typically goes something like this…

    ME: [tap, tap] Hey girl, whats up! Im -V- [big smile].
    HER: [see's dead people / OR, smiles back immediately] Hi. Im Allyson.
    ME: What’s up, Aly. You’re a total cutie, I had to come meet u….is this your friend?
    HER: Yeah, this is Amanda.
    ME: What’s up Amanda, Im -V-…Nice handshake uve got there. Show’s alot of confidence. [turns to Allyson], Hey girl, guess what?
    HER: [smiles] what?
    ME: Let’s go on an adventure together!. . . .

    blah, blah, blah.

    The words are not important. What’s really going on is that im feeling really good inside my body and im just beaming my emotional state onto the girl. I make the sh!t up as i go along. My ‘adventures’ consist of going to London and riding the trolly’s, making a musical on broadway, going to rome and wearing Toga’s, running to the bar and grabbing shots…WHATEVER!!!

    The thing that stumps me sometimes, and consequently my QUESTION, is that sometimes (alot of the time,actually), when i walk up and intro myself, then let the hot one know that i think shes a total cutie and that im attracted to her, there’s a (seemingly eternal) pause and i dont know where to GO from there. I mean, i WANT the girl. I want her naked and in my bed, ultimately. Im feeling her. I like her style. I like her look. I like her smile. Whatever!

    But Like….it’s almost like: “Ok, so he likes me. Im anywhere from neutral right now to pretty turned on at his genuiness. What’s next?”

    And i sometimes stall. Make sense? What say you Tim? Thanks Alot for your free content thus far.

  30. Tom Says:

    Hey Tim,

    Same question as NewVisitor below: most of the the hot clubs in Hungary are so loud you can’t even hear your own voice, meaning you cannot talk to a girl without yelling and/or leaning in to her ear. An instant venue change is very difficult (I never use the word impossible - there, I just used it), since the girlfriends usually give them a “you’re a cruel bitch” look.
    I’m curious of your opinion. And just for fun, whatever you say, i’m gonna try it next time and post how it worked out.
    Great job by the way, we love your video blog!!


  31. T.K Says:

    Awesome stuff right there,

    I don’t know if this has been answered before, but in those three preview videos of ‘The Flawless Natural’ you use this insane, this awesome background music. That music alone got me in the ‘Woo state’ as you call it. What is the name of that song and who made it? It’s brilliant!

    Keep up the good work, finally seduction material that’s actually fun to watch and follow.

  32. WOOOman Says:

    Dude this videoblog is awesome! Gets me in state and best of all: gets the CHICAs :D

  33. Dave Says:

    Hey Tim,

    Just a few questions about the upcoming DVD’s. For the in field footage are you going to be able to hear what and the girl are speaking about? From the previews I saw you couldn’t hear anything - you could just see you making out with the girl! Lol. Also are you going to show us how you approach groups? Is the “I choose you” the only thing you use when dealing with big groups?

    Love your work!

  34. Sashen Says:

    Tim , this is Huge for me !! , RSD has truly shaped the way i interact with women, but apart from that’s also shaped the way i interact with Everyone in General.Im much more confident at work, meetings, Family gatherings, just about any social interaction is pretty much handled. Most of what your message conveys to us NEWBIES at RSD, is that, so as long as we are totally comfortable with ourselves then handling interactions with women only serves to compliment that.

    It’s really hard to ask you for advice cos your teachings basically unleashes the natural from within, all i do now is simply let GO of those Constraints and SIMPLY AND effortlessly allow MYSELF to shine in the club in all it’s GLORY.

    I really appreciate what you are doing here TIM, you are Changing lives …WAIT are truly enhancing people’s lives.

    100% Repsek dude

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