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Secret vault concepts from the flawless natural method

Within this episode, I step into my own personal secret vault and pull out some instant makeout fun stuff for you, as well as openers, mindsets and even how to avoid being ‘choded out’!

This material will not only help your instant results with approaching hot women, but it will help you retain the right positive frame of mind as well.

Make sure you leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and questions!


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70 Responses to “Secret vault concepts from the flawless natural method”

  1. Greg Says:

    That cheerleader thing is the shit. That can easily shift you from spectator to player.

    And yeah, I remember the whole teacher/student thing on bootcamp :P

  2. NF Says:

    Awesome Tim! Keep up the good work!

  3. Elan Says:

    A question I’d really love to see you address:

    Nights when I have intent and not WOOOO are creepy. What are some actions I can take, either solo or with friends, to really turbocharge and kick-start the WOOOOOO?

  4. Tbird Says:

    Thanks tim. It’s the shit as always.

  5. Mancandy Says:


    You are totally the man! I am loving this blog - don’t make too many posts now though, because I won’t have time for anything but your blog!



  6. John Says:

    Awesome stuff, thanks!
    PS: Your skin blends with the color of the background perfectly… it looks like you’re wearing a camouflage make-up. :D

  7. Jon Says:

    Tim I have a question, Using your rosseta stone eg I say Hi do a little role play, dance with her then get the kiss, is it ok for me to try to fuck her in the bathroom??? or should a take her for a little chat and try to get her to my place?, I keep making out with girls for hours then there friends take her off me at the end of the night. it keeps happening to me what should I do
    P.s cheers for the Blog and Videos mate!

  8. dave Says:

    I want to download these videos and play them on my ipod on the way to work - how can I do this tim??

  9. John Says:

    Love this new stuff Tim. I truly believe in the simplicity of what you are teaching and that it really is all there is know about PU. Nice!


    In general I have a good time when going out to nightclubs drinking alcohol. I often find myself in the WOOO-state with lots of intent. Good times.

    I do however have a hard time matching this when I go out sober.

    Any clues on how to deal with this?

  10. ClimaX Says:

    Thanks Tim you’re awesome

    Any idea how to flip the frame back to fun land when the conversation starts to die or when she starts going into the “I though you were great but I guess you’re not my type” frame (not laughing anymore and starting to give short answers) ?

    I’d also like to know a cool way to handle the conversation when she starts talking about her boyfriend in an indirect way (obviously just to make me know she has one).

    I think my main problem is that girls are quickly into me but I don’t use that time to escalate which deceive them in some way and kills the attraction.

    it’s quite frustrating because I don’t want to feel like I’m on a timer when I talk to a girl

    thanks a lot bro you’re an inspiration

  11. Drama Says:

    Awesome material Tim. I can’t wait to try out the “i’m sad opener.”



  12. JD-Stallions Says:

    Thanks for the info Tim! keep up the great work.

  13. Abower Says:

    Thanks for answering my question Tim!

  14. Rob Says:

    Love the Info. Will def try it.

    Need u 2 explain mor about bubble of love.

    Thanks 4 everything, Tim.

  15. Michael Says:

    I’m sad… I want another video blog… can’t get enough of them…

    …I guess I’ll have to go get kisses from girls to help my sadness until the next one is released :(

  16. Rawl Says:

    bahahaha homosexual pink times! good shit.

  17. Brian Says:

    Great video Tim! I think it’s really great that you guys are making these video blogs. One problem, though. They’re loading painfully slow, maybe it’s just temporary? Not sure. Either way, thanks for the videos and keep up the hard work.

  18. T Fred Says:

    Hey Tim
    This stuff is gold. I was out on Saturday, totally in state, just driving around. This car full of chicks pulls up next to me and start taking pictures of my in my car. I drive a Geo, it was great. So they tell me to follow them. So after a quick stop at the bank, I join them at a club. It turn out to be a stagette party. I was calling them “dear” and “love” and just having an awesome time. Long story short, after an incredible night, I wound up going home with TWO of the bridesmaids. Bloody awesome. Keep it up. I’m definitely cracking out the sadness opener today.



  19. Jerzizzno Says:

    Hi Timothy!!!
    Cool, Iwould like to take a bootcamp in London but I dont know if all the instructors are as good as You, Tyler or Jeffy. When will you be in london with da bootcamp??
    P.S Good Stuff

  20. felix Says:

    Hi Tim,your blog is really cool, but your videoblog is even more powerful , i can see and hear you and feel you energy, WOOOOSH.
    I’m trying to cultivate your happy energy and i’m sure i’ll see big improvements soon ! Thank you for what you are doing ;)

  21. Stormy Says:

    I know what you mean with the cheerleader thing! Last time I had to deal with another guy in my set, I didn’t even bother to blow him out (he was gaming my wingman’s target). He sort of politely bowed out, but was still hanging around. So I popped open another girl and threw her at him. Fun times for everyone!

  22. JD Says:

    Hey Tim,

    Great stuff man. I just wanted to know if RSD will be coming out with a product for the “flawless natural”. Will there be a DVD release? I’m only 18 years old so I can’t sign up for the Superconference. Thanks for the time and keep up the good work champ.

  23. Andres Says:

    Hi Tim!!

    I got a question for you:

    I always have problems in a two set. When I try to isolate the target after building up enough attraction, her friend always tries to block every attempt I make. How would you handle this situation (without having a wingman at hand)?

    Thanks and keep up the excellent material,


  24. Jason Says:

    Tim when I am old enough I am taking my bootcamp with you. I can’t wait to use the Sadness opener when the time arises.
    Thanks Tim.

  25. Brian Says:

    Pumped for the conference this weekend in LA!!

  26. Sebastian Says:

    Tim once I get money I will do whatever it takes to get a bootcamp with ya and become a Flawless Natual. Quick question though. I did the Spin and In move a few times at the club. However, I did it to girls who were either solo or were dancing by themselves while their friends were dancing with other guys. For groups of just girls dancing, how should I approach and dance with one of the girls in the group? Do I just approach and Spin and In her and let her friends dance partnerless around us?

  27. jim Says:

    awesmoe material tim, gonna do the im sad opener tomorow night :)

  28. Danny Says:

    hahaha love it, this is where it’s at!

  29. io_rob_34 Says:

    Wow, I gotta say, RSD has fucking out done themselves. Little video’s that give you a boost of knowledge and fun. It’s hard not to go outside right now and just try this stuff.

    Good job….you rule.

  30. Talal Says:


    Day game! Are all your concepts only meant for clubs? Are they applicable on the streets and restaurants? How do you apply them in the streets and restaurants?

  31. Lance Says:

    Hey, Pancakes. I’ve had nights where the sad opener was totally bombing, so after about six blowouts, I gave it up.

    This was in Vegas at a casino club in May. When I was on boot camp in Vancouver (the birthday weekend in April), the sad opener was totally working.

    Do you think that was just me being in a different mood, or the environment?

    Anyway heres’ a story: next thing I was talking to my buddy, walking around the casino, and I was saying how awesome it is to be a man, how we get to choose which women we approach, and how great it is to be able to lead.

    Suddenly, a cute girl grabbed me and started un-buttonning my shirt. She was just some crazy girl that was messing around, but I realized that I was thinking about how awesome it is to be a man, and she must have picked up that communication in the way I was walking, the expression on my face.

    Just a cute little story I thought I’d share about how your thinking can affect how you present yourself.

    I absolutely love the cheerleader concept. This is the way to be. You really raise your social value if you get along with everyone in the place. I like that you elicit the group’s approval. Awesome!

    Lawrence, Lord of Destiny.

  32. Talal Says:

    Show us how to claw tim!

  33. Robert Says:

    Hey Tim,

    U rock man! all these guys yelling out their thanks and all are cool man. I haven’t watched any video though… its slow loading over here in Nigeria. But i know you well enough to accept that you give great quality videos.

    could you give me a link to where i can download these videos so that when all these ppl are yellin their comments i can join in?????

    Thanks Tim and keep up the Good Work man!

  34. Robert Says:

    Dear Tim,

    The vids are great man! bloody awesome! well, that’s what everyone’s saying anyway. see Tim, isn’t there a way I could download these little videos here straight to my computer, watch them and then give this blog a deluxe comment?

    Yo da man Tim, Stay Alive for me.

    Robert from Nigeria (in Africa)

  35. Risto Says:

    I watched your video and now on I will frame all dudes as like cheerleaders or my friends because this is my reality.

    I think I can create the sexual intention just watching women lips and thinking fucking that girl. That is the main reason why I am talking to her. Well my dick goes up so =D I think it’s working but I just don’t get I MUST TALK TO HER instant sexual connection…

    By the way how to get into WOO state? Can you tell some great tips? And will be easier to get into WOO-state? If I do something crazy I am like a crazy shit but when I do that the crazy shit again It does not working :.( It is very difficult to get into WOO…

  36. James! Says:

    OMG, yeah!
    Kiss Close every girl I see!

    Question: Core Manly Sexual Intent, How far do I take this?!

  37. pneuma Says:

    I tried this in the streets. Girls love wooo. I love the whole ‘discard the alpha’ thing though I think Alpha Mindset is still useful in certain ways. It really kicked in for me today what ‘adding value’ is all about in my personal life.

  38. pneuma Says:

    I should add that Tim is my present social role model. Thanks Tim! Hopefully that doesn’t gay you out like the pink background.

  39. MICHAEL Says:

    Great stuff keep it coming ! thanks

  40. fullcrum Says:

    You’re so positive! It drips off you.

    I’m gonna be like that. Starting now. Positivity deluxe!

  41. Kaisa Says:

    Just gotta say thanks! Love the frequency of updates here, you rock Tim!

  42. todd Says:

    Great stuff tim. Love the vibe , the intent and general playful attitude. Save the cheerleader save the world.

  43. j Says:

    ha ha how does tim do it up so genuine and cool WITHOUT being a cocky asshole and skeezy like some other mpuas trying to sell you stuff.

    i wont name names but some guys out there just dunno how to sell.

    tim this stuff is great. ur doing what other guys are afraid to do. give away NEW free tips all the time. not like the other guys who keep reposting the same tips in cycles

  44. Artisan Says:

    Enjoying the vlog sir, keep em’ coming.

  45. Boyilicious Says:

    I’m lovin’ this vlog and i’m lovin’ the pink in the background. ;)
    Keep the videos coming!

  46. Benny Says:

    Damnit tim!

    You’re giving away too much. Yes, I’m compaining that you GIVE too much.

    This opener will be blown out like the “opinion” openers before the flawless natural dvd comes out.

    Stuff it. *positivity mindset* I guess I’ll have to see how many kisses I can get in the meantime…

  47. rikkart Says:

    I totally love ur videos. But it seems like everyone of them is made for club-gaming. I would love to see som videos about day-game. Keep up the good work tho. U kind of pwn.

  48. Zippo Says:

    great blog tim,

    one question here:

  49. Zippo Says:

    can you demonstrate the claw to us?
    > would be awsome :P

  50. Affro Says:

    I’ll try this ASAP and share my experiences, but now I must ask you a question. Tim, what is your best method to show you’re ignoring the “shit-tests” girl’s making to you within first minutes after meeting?

    PS. MORE PINK !! ;)

  51. John Says:

    Another question the CHAMP:

    Obviously your inner world is very solid.

    Did the process of realizing that you already are a champ happen as a consequence of actively going out for a long time or did you do massive inner work like affirmations, meditation, visualizations and so on?

    Please elaborate.


  52. Mitch Says:

    Hi Tim ! Really like the video’s :)

    In your recent teleseminar you talked about the mental way to get into a Woooo state.
    You metioned there was a physical way too, please some more about that.

    Grtz Mitch

  53. Johny Boy Says:

    Hi Tim. The Dancefloor ‘Spin and in’ move was great. It resembles what i’ve been doing myself during the years. However there is one aspect of the dancefloor that i cant really handle, and i have never seen anyone else handle it either:

    Often, a group of girls on the dance-floor form a tight circle where they are fully into each other, having their own little party and dancing with eachother. When i break into that circle and “take” the girl, she will indulge me for a while, but right from the getgo it’s clear that she eventually wants to return to her friends. In other words, i get a griend and that’s it.

    Why are the girls so into dancing with each other and not giving a shit about the rest of the club ? How do u deal with this girl-circle of destruction?

  54. Tsuki Says:

    Hey Tim, awesome material! I would like to ask you for some thoughts on day game.

    Cheers mate!

  55. Bayroot Says:

    Tim, love the videoblog.

    My question is about the WOO and INTENT concepts. Should you verbally display these?

    I like the concept of minimal game and chilling out and enjoying the moment, but do you have to say sexual things etc. to show your intent, or will she just be able to feel it coming off of your vibe?

  56. Lenitz~ Says:

    This vlog is fu@#$%ing COOL

    Here in Brasil, there are many “game immunised girls”

    So, you have to be a natural, with WOOO an INTENT

    I’ve whached Tim, and that’s the vibe I want to live my life in.

    Tanks Tim

    Awesome sutff

  57. Secret vault concepts from the flawless natural method - Dating, Pickup, Seduction Says:

    [...] Secret vault concepts from the flawless natural method From:  Within this episode, I step into my own personal secret vault and pull out some instant makeout fun stuff for you, as well as openers, mindsets and even how to avoid being ‘choded out’! » more 1 [...]

  58. ~Cavalheiro Says:

    *tap tap of desire*

    “Tim.. I’m sad. :( I’m sad that u doesn’t came here in Brazil and give u flawless seminars right here! I’m need a kiss!”


    I can’t wait to test it opening sets with MY BLONDE pivot in my arm!


    I fuckin love you!

  59. ~Cavalheiro Says:

    Hey, say to the guy with the

    “You’re giving away too much. Yes, I’m compaining that you GIVE too much” thing to have and live some abundance mentality.

    as Tim’s creative mind was just it… :P!

    Glory times man!

  60. Andrew Says:

    I love all of these videos, highly recommended!

    Also enjoyed how the past two videos are INVERTED in color. Subtle but very cool!

    The “homosexual pink” has purpose!

  61. Symbol Says:

    Hey, No wonder you view everyone as your cheerleader, you have 50 people telling you how great you are on just one little post :) Thats got to feel nice!

    I signed up for a bunch of these PU newsletter and randomly picked one, thats some pretty good stuff. However after a while it get so repeative.

    Its all about the inner confidence, knowing what you want, making it your reality, and allways keeping it fun.

    I went to a RSD thing a while back and they showed us the tornado opener, where you put your arms all the way up, clasp your hands together, and wirl around into a group :)

    If you have that confidence, that woo, it doesnt matter what you say or do, keep it fun, keep the woo, enjoy the game.


  62. Chodimus Maximus Says:


  63. Elduderino Says:

    WOW, i love this stuff, thanks for bringing this value out there for free, its just golden.

    Finally last night i felt how i could finally let go of any lines etc, using your magic eight ball theory.

    I went up with the woo, and just told them WHATEVER was on my mind, i cant believe the stuff that came out, but they loved it :-)

    FINALLY it CLICKED: It DOESNT matter what you say. Any random shit is all good. Just treat it as gold and have fun.

    Thanks again Tim, keep pimpin.

  64. fullcrum Says:

    Hey, just one question:

    Can you do instant makeouts in daytime environments? Or at least in like 2 minutes?

  65. Raul Says:

    Wow Tim…you did it again. You are re-inventing the whole pickup paradigm with flawless natural methods! I used to be subscribed to many newsletters (pickup101, m.method etc) but suddenly I find their newsletters coming from a place of scarcity…all because yours comes from abundance! I don’t even open their newsletters anymore, all I do is view and read your blog posts (text and video) again and again and again. Let me go view your videos again…

  66. Sam Says:

    Tim…superb stuff. It’s supreme because it’s too generic to be recognized as a “pick-up line”.

    I wimped out a bit and changed the kiss to a hug and I’m getting 100% hug ratio during daygame.

    Will try it at a club setting and FR back!

  67. J Says:

    Hi, Tim,

    you know what? I am saaaaad…..

    LOL, seriously, I’m definitely gonna try this and maybe incorporate this into my stupid but fun “I am too old for this” false-disqualification routine :)

    BTW, nice presentation, really feels the vibe and also a good example of how to approach girls with this “I am the party” energy and just sweep them :)

  68. Dillian Says:

    Cool stuff so far. No need for homophobic jokes. You’re the man.

  69. Dan Says:

    Awesome stuff man! Gonna have to try that kiss move lol. Lovin’ it! Keep it comin’ m8 ;-)

  70. JH Says:

    its ok Dillian i doubt anyone reading this is homosexual lol

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